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Volume : 34 Issue : 1 Year : 2019

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The Medeniyet Medical Journal is an open access, peer-reviewed journal on various academic disciplines, which is published in English four times a year by an academic group of people.

The journal publishes intradisciplinary or interdisciplinary clinical and experimental studies as well as original case reports, reviews, invited reviews or letters to the editor, clinical news and abstracts of original manuscripts on all fields of medicine.
With our world renown editor and members of the Editorial Board, peer-reviews are conducted to the highest standards and feedbacks are provided in the shortest time possible.

Being published since 1985, the Medeniyet Medical Journal recognizes that the best science should lead to better lives based on the fact that the medicine should serve to the needs of society and knowledge should transform society, and it aims to address current issues at both national and international levels, start debates, and exert an influence on decision-makers all over the world by integrating science in everday life.

The journal is committed to serve the public and influence people’s lives in a positive way by making science widely accessible; and believing that the only goal is improving lives, and research has an impact on people’s lives, we select the best research papers in line with this goal.


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